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Welcome One and None and All

To the City of Cognitive Dissonance

Blood Tells. A Multi Fandom RP
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✭ A multi-fandom RPG

Blood Tells

✭ About

With every multi-fandom RP there is a central area to the RP. With every RP there is a reason why many characters will be sucked into that world. Blood Tells is no different. In a city that is unconfined by the laws of nature, the Gods of that city have awoken from their slumber, and have found their town beautiful home in isolation. Concerned, annoyed, hurt, and despaired the Gods of this city have decided to summon beings from every single world and dimension imaginable. They're not mean. They just want to have a little fun. Won't you come and play with them?
1. Absolutely no God-modding. This is when you control another person's characters without their permission. It is also when you make your character so powerful that nothing can harm them, and they win every battle.

2. Please have a basic concept of grammar and spelling. We're not asking for people with Master's degrees in writing. We do however want players that did pass highschool English. With that in mind no net speak or leet speak.

3. The character limit for this RP is 9.

4. Mingle with characters from different fandoms. We understand that your canon character might want to stick with his or her own kind. All we ask is that you broaden your characters, and your own horizons.

5. This community will contain adult content. In the application we will ask for your age, and we will check your profile. Anyone 18 or over may be accepted into the adult log community. Anyone that is 17 or under will not be allowed to participate in any NC-17 rated logs.

6. All posts in the adult community must be friends locked.

7. Make sure to read all plot bunnies before diving into a particular plot line.

8. There is no rule eight.

9. Interested in the RP? Good for you, simply fill out the application.

10. Please put all overtly gory and violent, and sexually explicit posts underneath a cut and mention what's what.

11. If you are having problems with a player please talk to them first. If you complain to us first we will ask, "Have you talked to the other player?" if you answer no we will tell you to talk to the player first.

12. "The Ban Hammer Challenge." In order to prevent needless "ban them!" cries we have set up the ban hammer challenge. Here's how it works. If you ask one of us mods to suspend or ban a person we will look at all evidence. If we find enough evidence to support your claim then we will ban or suspend the player. If, however there is no evidence to your claim, and you were only doing this because you don't like the player then you will be banned.

13. If you don't want to read gory gory, or smutty sex scenes then don't read them! We the mods will not be held responsible for your brain breaking.

14. More rules will come as we see fit.
Important Information
1. Please refer to this list for all taken characters.

3. This Community is now open for applications.

4. Once you have been approved please join The Main Community bloodtellsrp, The OOC Community bloodtells_ooc, and the RP Logging Community. soulhides